Shooting For Success
Aubry Shaw

The Kingswood girls hockey team has begun their second season wearing the green and white.
The team is fairly new, only forming last year after a 50-year history of Kingswood sports. To make it happen, last season’s captains, senior Shannon Riley and 2015 graduat
e Maria Hendrickson, badgered local hockey coach Tom Cayon to host the team at Kingswood.                
Sophomores Claire Richard and Nikki Cayon, a goalie, asked as well. With a goalie and three solid players, they assured him they could found a team. Other girls who joined the team last year included sophomores Alissa Baldwin, Shawna Knowles, Sofie Marshall and Breanne LeBlanc.
This year, Coach Cayon says they are expecting about 15 girls, a larger turnout than last year. The team won two games in Division II last year, and expects to do even better this year.

“It took 50 years for a team this cool,” Cayon said.

Basketball Season Preview

Patrick Meyers and Christopher Pappas

With another dismal season to move on from,, the Knights boys basketball team looks to bounce back with not only a better record but a more optimistic attitude going into the season as well. Junior basketball player Tyler Runnals said, “With the new athletic director here there is more expected out of us, which is a good thing.” Also regarding the mindset of the team Runnals  said, “We need to work on chemistry, we’re all friends but on the court there are a lot of different egos. Everyone needs to work together more as a whole.” 

The coaches also are focusing on their  mindset and confidence head coach Dan Place said we are not going to have a bad season because of bad chemistry. Coach Place also said it is no longer his goal to make playoffs but it is his expectation.

To prepare for the upcoming season the team has been hosting workouts Monday-Friday, including weight room time, skills and drills in the gym, and insanity or yoga in the dance studio.

With a new chance to prove themselves the Knights have high hopes for the  upcoming season. A returning varsity player, senior Josh Lafluer said his goal is to make playoffs. Lafleur also said that in order to make a run this year the team needs to work on chemistry and gain the confidence of winners.

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