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Careers in Education Class Offers New Opportunities

Kiera Conrad

The Careers in Education class instructs students how to teach primary school students.
In a big change from last year, the course now focuses on education of all primary grades. They used to only focus on preschoolers, but now the class has a much larger range.
Don Larson is the new teacher of the class and says he enjoys it very much.
“There’s always a demand for great teachers and I like it because teaching is a great way to change the future,” Larson said.
This is his first year at Kingswood. When he got here he felt very welcome and thought the program was very interesting.
“The biggest change right now is the development of the program. We are getting connected with preschools and getting our students involved with teaching younger students,” he said.
Careers in Education is a class that 10th graders and upperclassmen can sign up for.
There are more opportunities for students in the class now. Some people might want to teach, but not preschoolers. For this reason, they have had a lot of new students that wouldn’t have taken the class before. They are also getting more involved with their leadership group, “Educators Rising.”

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