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Bond ‘Spectre’ Is Spectacular

Arhus Babcock

James Bond has returned to theatres for the 24th time since its debut in 1963, with a total of 10 actors having portrayed him. In “Spectre,” Daniel Craig returns as Bond for his fourth time, and has really made the character his own. Unfortunately, some criticize Craig’s portrayal, claiming that he is too short or blonde.
In James Bond movies in the past, the movie usually consisted of gunfire, violence, and a lot of action, but what the films often lacked was a back story. While “Spectre” has all of this, the film also features a solid backstory that builds on Craig’s previous portrayals as Bond.
In 2012, the movie “Skyfall” revealed much of Bond’s childhood, and the house in which he grew up became a major part of the movie. “Skyfall” went on to become the second highest grossing film of the year, so obviously Eon studios is doing something right. Fans can expect no less from “Spectre,” a sequel to “Skyfall.”
“Spectre” has no shortage of humor and features a great plot that will have you on the edge of your seat. I can sincerely give it 5/5 stars.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Justin Bieber Returns With Purpose
Sean Atwell
Teen sensation Justin Bieber is back and is all grown up.
Since his third studio album “Believe” was released in 2012, Bieber has stayed in the media, releasing singles occasionally. Earlier this year, his single “Where Are Ü Now,” featuring Jack Ü, became a huge hit, displaying his growth since 2012.
Bieber's new single “What Do You Mean” was released in late August as the lead single of his fourth studio album, “Purpose.” At that moment, his fanbase, known as “Beliebers,” grew rapidly. On Oct. 22, “Sorry” was released as the second single from the album, which was formally released on Nov. 13.
“I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, but his new album is pretty good,” said freshman Megan Roche.
You can catch Bieber next spring on his “Purpose” tour, which kicks off in March 2016 in Seattle, Washington.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

‘Scrooge’ Cast Prepares for Big Night
photo: Kelly Holland

Wayne Feener

Opening night brings its share of worries and difficulties. Tonight’s opening of “Scrooge” could cause even more nervousness than normal. But the cast is handling this like seasoned pros.
“[We’re] Feeling good. I know we can pull it off,” said actor Ruth Barron.
Barron is not alone in her enthusiasm. “I think we can do it,” said actor Julian Cates. “It’s been fun.”
Although the recent bout of poor weather set them back, they are on track and excited for the upcoming night. “We were distraught, but I think we have the skill level to get through,” said senior actor Anne Borges. “It’s a challenge, but it's definitely one of the best challenges I have experienced.”
The cast spent Wednesday afternoon making up for lost time and rehearsing for the play. “[The setback was] very unfortunate, but we’re making very good progress,” said actor Garrison Barron. “One of my favorite shows we’ve done so far.”
“We’re doing really well,” said lead Connor Nelson. Nelson is playing Scrooge himself in tonight’s performance, and is an enthusiastic member of Theater/Drama Club.
Join theater,” he said. “It’s kind of like a family.” With the cooperation and camaraderie the cast displays, he is definitely right.

‘Scrooge’ Director Faces Setback
Wayne Feener
photo: Kelly Holland

As the cast and crew for Scrooge entered their final week of rehearsal, they knew every minute would count. A missed rehearsal would leave them… “scrooged”.
Wordplay aside, the play is facing a serious challenge due to Tuesday’s inclement weather. How is director Scott Giessler handling it? Despite the hectic schedule and arriving deadline, Giessler remains confident in the play’s success, and even expects a “fantastic” performance. “We have exceptional singers, dancers, [and] technicians,” he said. “They’re great actors.”
Tuesday night, due to rainy weather and unsafe roads, an important rehearsal was cancelled. Already struggling to catch up after the cancellation of a previous rehearsal, which was lost to a fire alarm, both cast and crew are facing a formidable challenge.
“This is the big thing,” said Giessler. “The only people who are gonna solve it are the students--and they always do.”
Even with the recent setbacks, preparations for the upcoming performance are going well. The appearance and set is “fantastic,” and with the work of Norman Adjutant, Becky Miller, Robert Burns and Kim Kalled, the result should be an exceptional play.
Last month Giessler played the lead in “Spamalot” with the Village Players. Running “Scrooge” rehearsals and then going downtown made for a “pretty hectic fall.” He praised his crew advisers, saying he would be “dead in the water” without these people.
“This is a show that Mr. Adjutant has been dying to do for ages,” Giessler said. “He’s been such a crucial part of the program that in many ways this is his show--his and the students.
“I just let the reins go, and went with it,” he said.

Cellist Comes to Wolfeboro
Wayne Feener and Connor Murray

If you enjoy beautiful, classical music or famous performances, the upcoming “Homage to Pablo Casals” concert is for you.
Performed by renowned cellist Amit Peled and pianist Stefan Petrov, this homage recreates a 100-year-old program and will incorporate a 282-year-old cello.
The performance, sponsored by the Wolfeboro Friends of Music, will take place Saturday, November 21, at 7:30 p.m, at Anderson Hall in Brewster Academy.
Tickets for adults cost $25 each, but if you are a student with a student ID or you are a child accompanied by an adult, your ticket is free. Tickets will be sold at Black’s Paper Store, at Avery Insurance and at Innisfree Bookshop.
Visit their website,, or call (603) 569-2151 for more information.

Giessler Rides Off to Spamalot
Wayne Feener

If you hear hoofbeats behind you, step aside-- it may be KRHS theater teacher Scott Giessler, a.k.a. King Arthur, trotting from one class to another to the rhythm of coconut-shells beaten together by his squire Patsy.
Giessler is playing the role of King Arthur in the Village Players’ “Spamalot,” a comedic play based on “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Giessler’s previous experiences in theater include his position as the KRHS theater director and several roles in “24-hour plays.” While the play is based on “Holy Grail,” it will feature numerous Monty Python scenes, including the famous “parrot” and “Spam” skits.
Although he is simultaneously preparing for “Spamalot” and working on the upcoming KRHS musical “Scrooge,” he is not yet overwhelmed—if anything, he seems excited for the upcoming event. “It’s the only reason I’m growing this beard!” he said.
He has worked with the Village Players before, performing in several quickly assembled plays known as 24-hour plays. “Great show, more grown-up content, but a lot of fun. I’ve met a lot of great people on the show who I’ve enjoyed working with,” said Giessler.

“Spamalot” will be running two weekends, with shows on November 13th, 14th, and 15th and later on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

James Bond: SPECTRE Preview
Arhus Babcock

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond for 4th time.
This Friday in “Spectre”, Bond’s past has caught up with him after he receives a cryptic message, and heads to Mexico City and Rome where he meets the widow of an infamous criminal, portrayed by Monica Bellucci. Bond then infiltrates a secret meeting and discovers the existence of the sinister organization SPECTRE. In need of help, Bond journeys in search of the daughter of an old nemesis.
As Bonds reaches deeper into the heart of SPECTRE he discovers he is connected the enemy he seeks (Christoph Waltz). This wouldn’t be the first time Eon Productions has written a deeper connection between Bond and the enemy.
Silvia, the protagonist in “Skyfall”, the prequel to “Spectre”, worked formerly for MI6. M, the head of MI6 sold Silvia out for exchange of prisoners being held in China, where he was tortured.  
Years later Silvia would make his attempt on revenge against the entire organization itself. This theme wasn’t original; a similar plot is found in” Goldeneye 007” but fans don’t seem to be getting tired of it.

Both skyfall and goldeneye scored a 9/10 on IGN. Perhaps it provides the audience with a sense of meaning; rather than some rogue individual who just goes around doing the government’s dirty work, Bond is portrayed as more sophisticated, cunning and awesome.


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